We walk with our clients in the development of their projects in other countries

As we become your lawyers, we take care of your legal issues so you can concentrate on developing your business or project.

Our offer of international advice responds to the global needs of our clients, advising our clients where their interests are and offering a deep knowledge of the business and local markets in each of the jurisdictions teaming up with local law firms with the clear objective of our clients concentrating on their business while our firm handles the legal issue.

We have extensive experience in cross-border advice which allows us to work anywhere in the world focusing solely on the specific needs of each matter.

We offer our services through an extensive network of law firms from Argentina to Canada in America, Europe and Asian countries.

Our interdisciplinary and integral approach provide our clients with complete legal assistance ranging from the design of your company's international business strategy to offering solutions to the problems that may arise in international business Including customs, international trade agreements, international payments, contracts, tax strategy, exchange controls, trademarks, insurance, and employee-related matters.

The service that LeónOlarte provides to its clients is carried out by a group of recognized professionals, with experience both in the public and private sectors directed by a partner of LeónOlarte with the primary objective of providing our clients tranquillity and confidence in the achievement of their objectives to enable them to focus on their business and leaving LeonOlarte the legal concerns.

In the last 10 years we have assisted both domestic clients in their foreign business and foreign clients in the Spanish market to evaluate and mitigate the legal risks of their operations and investments, where we have intervened in large investments, Civil works, negotiations with governments, disputes and legal investigations in some of the world's most challenging legal environments.

Your legal partner

25 years involved in helping to achieve your goals