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To be recognized as a Law firm aimed at helping companies to develop their businesses, going together with them to achieve their objectives and providing, through our advice, a space that allows them to focus exclusively on their activity.


With the mind and the heart placed in the fulfillment of our vision, Leonolarte team seeks to give agile and effective solutions to the legal conflicts that may affect a company.

To this end our professionals will be continuously training and improving and will be attentive, available and agile to achieve the satisfaction of the client's needs. They are actively responsible in the processes of management, organization and business development of the law firm, contributing to the growth through the customer loyalty.

Leonolarte, as a company, aims to achieve a professional, customer-oriented and flexible framework in which its lawyers and personnel feel proud to belong to, long term work and personal development and professional career path, thus contributing to the expansion of the firm.


The below rules represent the inspiring principles of our Firm that should guide us in the development of our job. As such they represent the spirit that infiltrate the good work of our organization and are a requirement for all professionals who work or collaborate with León Olarte.

  1. Customer service skills.
  2. Commitment and sacrifice with our work.
  3. Organization and management based on quality systems.
  4. Use of planning and time management systems.
  5. Fellowship and promotion of teamwork.
  6. Mentality focused on customer fidelity.
  7. Performance based on honesty and loyalty.
  8. Growth and career of professionals in the firm.
  9. Reconciliation of professional and family life.
  10. Proactivity, initiative and creativity.

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