Real Estate and Urban Planning

We offer comprehensive advice to the different operators in the value chain of the real estate sector - public administrations, developers, construction companies, owners of any type of asset as well as debt funds and banks.

We assist the client in the different stages of a real estate and urban development project, covering the initial planning, urban development execution, obtaining permits and licences for construction and start-up of activities.

Together with a team of construction experts, we carry out legal due diligence reports to ascertain the legal and construction status of the property to be acquired, so that it can be verified that the property is free of charges and in optimum construction conditions so that the client can use it for the purposes they wish to achieve. We also assess the tax impact of the sale and purchase of the property, helping the client to draw up the most optimal tax strategy for their objectives.

We also provide support throughout the whole process of buying and selling the property, including the drafting and review of contracts as well as the whole process of registering and transferring the property to the buyer.